Our Trucks

The Fleet


Whether your needs are for a large, well-equipped 3-ton grip truck or a lightweight and mobile production van, Danny Boy Services has you covered. Both come with a robust selection of lights, stands and more.  

Both trucks are well-maintained, clean and offer easy equipment access. A lift gate on the sizeable Isuzu 3-ton makes loading and unloading a snap.

On–Board Grip Equipment


Electrics make the light and grips make the shadows, both imperative for total lighting control.
Both the Isuzu and the Sprinter carry a complement of lights and grip equipment, and there's plenty more in the Danny Boy inventory upon request. Additions include 10K tungsten and 4K HMI, compact generators and special requested items.

The Photo Above takes you to the Danny Boy inventory. 

Mercedes Sprinter $250/day


The newest addition to Danny Boy's fleet is the sleek new Mercedes Sprinter. The Sprinter is large enough to carry a huge Grip and Lighting inventory, yet compact and agile enough for most parking garages. Small tungsten fixtures and distro are complimentary on the Sprinter.

The bottom line is more gear closer to the action, saving time and wasted effort. Perfect for small to medium productions. It also sports a healthy load of Lighting and Grip equipment along with expendables and other items as needed.

Isuzu 3 ton Grip Truck $260/day


Our flagship is the Isuzu FRR. This 26ft 3-ton truck has a lift gate and a huge  complement of grip gear including C-stands, hi rollers, overheads, combos, flags/nets, rigging, sandbags, appleboxes, expendables. and more.

Both trucks carry a robust buffet of tungsten fixtures with scrims, stands and spare lamps. 


One of the great advantages to using Danny Boy Services is our flexibility.  Experience lets us offer the huge capacity our 3-Ton Grip Truck, or the mobility you of the Sprinter. Each can be configured with the newest and best maintained Grip & Lighting gear around, and our à la carte pricing on extras from the warehouse. With the PDFs below, you can download and print our equipment lists for your convenience. Just click on any file below to download.

3 ton lighting (pdf)


Rental Agreement (pdf)


Camera Dolly List (pdf)


Sprinter Package (pdf)


3 ton griptruck (pdf)


Warehouse (pdf)