If You Don't need an owner/op



A huge fleet of griptrucks and G&E inventory, excellent camera department, stages and more. Widely regarded as the heart of Atlanta's production community.  Ask for Steve Sonsini.

(404) 609-9001

Commander, LLC


An outstanding camera and lighting house on ATL's Southwest side with an impressive brand new 5-ton griptruck.

Ask for Jeff Funderburk.

(404) 922-0300

Peripheral Favorites

Barbizon Atlanta


Since our launch in 1994, nearly all of our expendable and equipment purchases have been through this excellent shop. They can find anything your show needs. Call Alex or Damian (404) 681-5124

Set Supplies


A perfect place to source tables, director's chairs, traffic cones, radios and so much more. They also have an impressive fleet of vans and box trucks for rent. Ask for  Lori Stewart.

(404) 565-2375

Our friendly competitors

Luc (Luke) Bonneson

Luc and his well equipped 3 ton.

My good friend, Lucius Bonneson is an excellent go-to for my customers who prefer a Gaffer owner/op and I'm unavailable.

Alpha Prism LLC

(770) 760-0790

Paul Hurley


If I'm unavailable, my good friend Paul is a talented and tenured set lighting professional with a well equipped gripvan.

(770) 318-9274

Favorite G&E Crew (commercial/industrial)


Strong Electric- Gray Saunders (678) 643-6465

Gaffer- Stan Fyfe (404) 281-8586

Gaffer-  Chris Sorel (404) 560-7804

Key Grip- Charles "CB" Bickelman (678) 386-9842

 Key Grip- Roger Sherer (678) 618-9090 

Griptrician-  "Hawk" Stevens  (404) 798-8763

Griptrician- Brian Love (678) 643-8365

Swing G&E- Chase Stacey  (404) 734-4003

Favorite G&E Crew (movies/long form)

old heads

Key Grip- Mike Pilcher (770) 354-3310

Gaffer- Tom Burke (678) 919-1220

Gaffer- Steve Zigler (404) 509-2498

Gaffer- Dave McLean (404) 444-7850