HMI Cinepar

Danny Boy prefers Arri HMI for its modern optics and high output. Two complete ARRI 1200w HMI Pars live on both the 3 ton and on the Sprinter. Our mighty ARRI 4k lives in the warehouse and requires the 7000i Honda genny.


Studio and Battery Driven LED

The remarkable L series fresnels from ARRI are proving to be indispensable. The "C" indicates color adjustmentf from 2800°K to 10,000°K. At 3200°K the L7 draws 200w and is roughly the footcandle of a 1k tungsten. The L10 draws 400w and is roughly the footcandle equivalent of a 2k tungsten. These lights can also replicate any circus color. The L10 lives on the 3-ton along side 3 L7's. 2 L7's live on the Sprinter.

Flapjack bicolor is our choice for battery driven portable LED. Each kit (2 on each truck) comes with batts, spares, charger and AC adapter. Ask Dan about the new Jupiter 18, very impressive.



Both griptrucks carry Kino Diva, but the Mole-Richardson Biax 8L provides the most flexibility and punch while still being a low heat and low amperage fixture. It has the shape of a 4' 4 bank but has the footcandle of an Image 80 and can be zebra striped or checkerboarded using our Osram Studioline 32 and 56 globes. 4 Biax 8's live on the 3-ton and 1 Biax 8 is on the Sprinter. All Divas and Kenobi's are now lamped with new Ushio LED "Colourmax" tubes.




This year we've added this powerful light from the geniuses at NILA. The ARINA draws only 800 watts but delivers a completely flicker free daylight beam with the footcandle roughly that of a 2500w HMI. Like our 4k, the ARINA lives in the warehouse. $220/day.



This formidable LED softlight from ARRI is a 2k zip footcandle equivalent, can reproduce any photographic color temperature or any circus color, and carries a  lighting effects menu that's certain to be a game changer. We have 2 Skypanels in the family living in the warehouse. $220/day. includes tethered remote. Add a Chimera kit for $80.


Location Tungsten

Both griptrucks in our modest fleet have a robust buffet of well maintained traditional tungsten fixtures complete with barndoors, scrims sets and spare lamps. A 6 head "Fat Arri Kit" 1k and smaller is complimentary with the Sprinter package.


Studio Tungsten

In the Danny Boy warehouse we keep our largest incandescent instruments. Elvis the Baby Tener is our new monster 10k fresnel and compliments the 2 Baby Seniors already aboard the 3-ton. We also have 3 Ultralight 6k Spacelights that are perfect for large Ultimatte or white limbo studio situations.



We can bring power to your television project. The 7000w Honda Putt Putt has been modified with a 60a Bates connector and can push our Arri 4k with enough power to spare to push an additional 1.2k par. Our little 2k Honda can power all 4 L series Arri LED's on the 3 -ton at once without breaking a sweat. 1 L10 and 3 L7's pull about 10 amps. Amazing.

Electrical Distribution

"However vast the darkness, we must supply our own light." – stanley Kubrick

Equipment Lists

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