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Experienced Gaffer Dan Philipp looked at the changing needs of Film & Video Production and saw that the whole paradigm had shifted.

New cameras and the post production stream called for more flexible yet capable lighting and grip support. Dan's depth of knowledge and ability to think outside the box met with resounding success.   

Experienced. Capable. Amenable. These are the bywords that define Danny Boy Services, LLC. 


Equipment Rentals

Our Lighting & Grip inventory has been created with efficiency, speed and capability in mind. Carefully selected, our field-tested options enable us to  fulfill the Producer's Holy Trinity – Speed, Quality and Cost.

You're only as good as your last job, that's why Danny Boy Services will pull out all the stops to make your dreams a reality. And if you think you've heard that before, just ask around. We don't make promises we can't keep.


Making It Happen

Media production is fast-paced, focused and full of unexpected contingencies. At the core of Danny Boy Services is the drive to always be ready for the inevitable shoot day curve ball.

Our customers see with each project how our dedication, flexibility and reliability give producers less to worry about and more time to devote to creative issues. We are keenly aware that the production day is expensive, so your bottom line is ours. Roger Penske once told Dan on a job for Bloomberg TV that any competent person can make the initial sale. The real trick is to retain the long-term loyalty of the customer. Our reputation is proof that Mr. Penske was correct.

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Danny Boy Services, LLC.

1599 Pucketts Drive Lilburn, GA 30047 

Cell 770-823-4326  | Office 770-279-8017


  • Chief Lighting Technician (Gaffer)
  • Lighting & Grip Crew Referral and Coordination
  • Equipment & Truck Rental


The Latest Equipment. Trained Personnel. Prices you'll like.

We're the one-stop shop for all your lighting and grip rentals and services. Call us today.  

Your Atlanta crew


Our Freelance Brothers and Sisters

The technicians and artists we bring to your project are all experienced professionals. Our crew members typically bill production for their services individually. However, Danny Boy Services can handle crew payments for an additional fee to reimburse us for worker's compensation insurance coverage. Call Dan for details.

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