Camera Dollies

Dollies And Cranes


Smooth controlled camera movement adds production value to every project. And that is why Danny Boy has always carried a dolly of one kind or another on the truck.

Dana Dolly


This excellent slider dolly system replaces our homemade "L" process dolly. We now have a complete Dana kit on both trucks. Both kits come with rails, low combo stands, bowl adapters, and brackets. $125/day.

ARCO Dolly


ARCO dolly from our friends at MovieTech in Munich is our favorite camera kinetic tool. The Arco lives on the 3-ton full time and its $200 rental fee includes all risers, boards and adapters. We bill for dolly track per piece.

Precise Controls


ARCO is a full-function camera dolly that can crab and roundy-round. The Arco's boom travel is perpendicular, velvety smooth and feathers perfectly at both ends of the travel.

Full Featured


For those used to compromising between some a behemoth or a lightweight but "functionally impaired" dolly, you really have to see the ARCO in action. It is lightweight but stable, full featured but quick to set up. This is simply the state-of-the-art dolly you need.



This jib accessory is a very useful tool if you need to add dimension and height to your camera move. The EZ-FX Jib lives on the 3-ton and fits on the Arco's Mitchell leveler with a castle bolt assembly. $100/day.

Arco Demo Video

In this short video  you'll get an idea of how flexible this amazing piece of German engineering really is!


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Camera Dolly list (pdf)