"Danny Boy" Modified clothespins


The most recognized expendable item in Atlanta

I've been turning C-47's around since the early '90's.  I think my first batch of Plasti-Dipped B-52's were thrown aboard the old 3-ton in 1993.  Turning a standard clothespin around gives it a longer reach and, depending on the quality of the spring, a better bite. The Penley brand is our favorite. Griptricians have been using this trick for decades, using electrical tape to hold the bullet together. It's perfect for pulling a hot scrim out of a 5k or securing diffusion and correction to barndoors,  The tape however eventually succumbs to the heat of the fixture and turns the B-52 into a messy experiment. The tool handle rubber I use can handle the heat and binds the spring to the hardwood without loss of flexibility. 

I'll wager my original batch of Danny Boy bullets still survive and are scattered among veteran stagehands, studios,  and potato chip bags all over Atlanta.  Without exception, every grip and electrician I work with has their own collection of these non-expendable expendables on their toolbelt or in their kit.

Bag of 25 Danny Boy Modified Clothespins - $15.00

Bag of 50 Danny Boy Modified Clothespins - $25.00

Order yours via email dannyboysvcs@gmail.com and put "clothespins" in the subject line. 


mole studio senior

Type 415 5k Tungsten Fresnel

This old man still works but will eventually need a new lamp receptacle. It comes without a globe but does have a Bates pigtail, a complete scrim set, and 4-leaf barndoors.

Asking $250.00


Desisti remington 1200w hmi par

Flicker Free

This system was new in 1996 but still performs well. It comes complete with barndoors, electronic flicker free balllast, 25' header cable, globe, and 4 lenses.

Asking $950.00


2k studio junior

Mole Type 412 Tungsten Fresnel

I just don't need 4 of these anymore. This light comes complete with 4 leaf barndoor, scrims. bulb is not included. This head has a 10' pigtail with a robust hospital type Edison connector.

Asking $200.00