GRIP Equipment

Boys and Their Toys


It isn't always just what you light, it's what you do with it that counts.
Danny Boy Services has a tremendous selection of all the items you'll need to conform your lights to your vision.

We also sport an array of camera mounting options for unique or challenging positions.

Please the most Exacting Producer


Our efficient Mercedes Sprinter and hefty 3-Ton Grip Truck both come pre-loaded with a huge selection of Grip Equipment to fit any kind of production. We also stock specialty items in our Warehouse, so if you have specific needs, let us know. Time is money and efficiency is the key.

You'd think he hung the moon.


Well, we may not have ACTUALLY hung the Moon, but you'll think we did. Our Equipment is selected with experience, not just a catalog. We know what works, what's new and what it takes to get the job done quickly, efficiently and safely. Every time. There's no substitute for Perfection.


Our 3 Ton Grip Package includes a complete line of expendables like Gels, Diffusion, B&W Foamcore, Cinefoil, Showcards, production tapes, spare lamps and more. Special Items available with advance notice.


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