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So what is all this drama about something as basic as clothespins?

It's simple.

This is just an example of the attention to detail Danny Boy Services puts into every aspect of our business - and yours.

We want everything to work well - efficiently and with a minimum of waste.

Call us to see how we can put our "value-added" services to work for you.

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So what's up with these clothes pins?


Clothes Pins to C-47s to B-52s

Grips and Electrics have been using clothespins to attach gels to lights (and other uses) for dozens of years... and at least one story has an executive relabeling them "C-47s" to account for them on the studio budget sheets. "Clothespins" just wasn't "Hollywood enough"!

And maybe you've seen these around... C-47s turned around (some people call 'em B-52s) and usually secured with a bit of electrical tape.

We don't know who first started this trend, but nearly everyone has had a laugh when ACs and other non-grip/electrics try making one for the first time!

Reversing the pinchers

These pins grip better than unmodified clothespins. By using the slimmer portion of the pincher along with the grooves seen on the best wooden clothespins, the B-52 is perfect for removing hot scrims from lights - without fumbling for a pair of gloves.

We don't know how many of the 400 million clothespins Diamond Brands manufactures each year become "movie stars", but we can tell you that there is something special about Danny Boy Services' clothespins.

Instead of using electrical tape which eventually unwraps leaving a sticky mess, Danny Boy's pins are double-dipped in a special rubber coating which seals the spring, provides a better grip, and offers a durable, long lasting improvement over the run-of-the mill "bullet".

And now, of course, you can BUY these Customized Dannyboy Services B-52 Clothespins for only $11.00 for a bag of 25. (Plus shipping)

Just email us at Dannyboy Services, LLC and mention "Clothespins" in the Subject line. We'll tell you how to get your simple yet amazingly useful B-52!

Movie Style Clothespins

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