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You put a lot of effort into your productions, and nothing can ruin your hard work like poor lighting.


Without the proper team of professionals to bring your images to life, you'd be better off sticking to radio

Arrisun 40/25 HMI PAR
Arrisun 40/25 HMI

ARRI 4k HMI Par with Electronic Ballast.

So far this is the most powerful HMI in our inventory. This flicker free daylight instrument can be driven by our mighty 7000i Honda generator. Like the genny,  the 4k lives at the shop and not on the griptruck.* 

*Please order in advance.

We now carry the venerable Mole-Richardson company's 440w Molescent Biax 8L for our main fluorescent banks.

Powerful, lightweight and reliable, these fluorescent units can be globed with Tungsten or Daylight tubes. These are so flexible, you can use them individually or with a DMX driven dimmer system.

Molescent Biax 8L
Molescent Biax 8L


ARRI L10-C LED Fresnel

This low-draw, high output LED fresnel is the latest game changing lighting instrument from our good friends at ARRI. Like the amazing L7, this L10-C can replicate any photographic color, or any circus color, and can do so at roughly twice the foot-candles of the L7. 

Arri L10 LED

Arri L7 LED Fresnel
Arri L7 LED Fresnels


Arri's amazing new L7 LED Fresnels can replicate any color temperature, adjust green to magenta, or create any circus color! The L7s put out roughly the same footcandles as a tungsten 1K Fresnel, but draws only 475 watts. Add all that to the L7's superb optics, and you'll find it the most vesatile movie light on your show!

We find new uses for the multi-tasking L7s on nearly every project and carry three of them on the truck.

The ARRISUN 1200 is probably the best known and used Cinepar in the business. It features single-ended globes, and flicker-free electronic ballasts. The truck carries two of these systems.

These powerful lights have huge front lenses which allow for a far greater output than older LTM cinepars. They are supplied with a full range of accessories header cables. Who says "We're losing the light?"

Arri 1200 PARs
1200w HMI PARS

Joker 800s HMI

With today's newer digital video cameras,
not every shot requires bigger lights. That's why we also carry a Joker 800watt HMI kit

We at Danny Boy Services commitment to flexibility and service, and we use our experience to maximize your productivity. With Danny Boy Services, you get just what you need at a cost you can afford!



How about another Dannyboy exclusive... the Kenobi-Kit II Mini-Flo system!

These "light-sabers" are powerful, compact fluorescent tubes that can be positioned close to the camera to create great eye-lights, be hidden for special effects or just about anything you can imagine!
At only $40/day, these lights include dimmers and are flicker free! 2 kits are carried onboard the Dannyboy "Mothership."


Kenobi II Flo
Kenobi-Kit II Mini-Flo

Mole Ten K

Mole Ten K

Mole-Richardson Type 4181 Ten K

We recently added a 10,000 watt tungsten fresnel to our inventory. Like our Spacelights, the Baby Tener doesn't live on the grip truck, but can be easily added to the package for your next project.

At left, our shiny new 10k is pictured on the stages of Magick Lantern, by far Danny Boy's favorite studio in Atlanta.

6K Space-Lites from
Ultra Light Manufacturing.

These amazingly powerful soft lights make quick work of white limbo and color key lighting situations.

They are lamped with 6 1000watt globes which provide for bright, even lighting. The skirt provides further diffusion and minimizes shadows.

The Space Lights are not stored on the truck, so be sure to request them for your next studio setup.


6K Space-Lites

Tungsten Lighting Package


Super quiet and compact, this Honda Generator (actually an "inverter" to be technically correct) is the perfect solution for location power when you're just too far from "shore" sources. A nice match for the PARs - with plenty of juice left over for monitors, battery chargers and Craft Services!

The EM7000i is supplied with edison breakout boxes and a spare fuel can. It makes for a really inexpensive location power source and effective cloud repellent!

Honda EM7000i Generator

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